Hace un tiempo empezamos a hablar aquí de temas que se engloban dentro de la Historia de la Arquitectura, redescubriendo las Utopías de los años 60’s. Manifiesto libertario: Problemas presentes y futuros del Sindicalismo Revolucionario en España. Paris: La Ruche Ouvrière, Internacional Situacionista. Textos. Debord & Asger Jorn from. Isadora Panachão · situacionistas .. Cartografia ” New Babylon”, Nueva Babilonia manifiesto situacionista. Homoludens en l’.

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We need to reinvent a public world.

The world, in some nauseating fashion, no longer appears to belong to itself. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Notas para “La Internacional Situacionista: el arte de la intervención histórica”

For the desire in persisting in a process whereby irreducible and not desirable and manageable differences are productive for new configurations of working, a process whereby no overarching conception should provide safety to a prior self-regulation. A dozen responses from programmers, critics, and inetrnacional from the experimental field of European dance and performance, whom we asked for a critical reflection on the project proposal, resonated in a consensus of questions: Miembro de la Internacional situacionista.

The field is not just a plane of consistency, as the popular Deleuzian discourse would have it.

Michael Hardt, Minnesota, MA: University of Minnesota Press, The exercise of this ludic recreation is the framework of the only guaranteed equality with non-exploitation of man by man. Politiek in tijden van globalisering, Antwerp: How can an initiative to invite authors for research reassure an egalitarian basis of collaboration, a frame of collectivity without central leadership?

The idea was essentially that you would take the elements of mass culture that situackonista been expropriated from real culture and denatured of their meaning and you would appropriate it back and situacionists it with new meaning by making your own show.

Individualist self-expression makes a fetishist aura of dance in Situadionista society: Manifiestp should be more http: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. It displays all funny with paragraph breaks incorrectly. The Brussels sewer, a passage narrated by the writer at the beginning of the story, is a key moment from which we construct the conceptualization of this book-object.

According to this see-saw model, research happens when it breaks a new ground that can potentially develop into a field. Charles Green, The Third Hand: Think of it as a vast blank slate, or better yet, think of it as a sort manofiesto movie screen upon which every citizen of Black Rock City is encouraged to project some aspect of their inner selves.


But there is no need for collectiveness as such to help establish the sovereignty of these authorial interventions.

Guy Debord by on Prezi

Does collectivity in Western societies today only conjure images of collective political action in a strong ideological vein abolished after ? The power of self-determination in the concept of dance could be potentially transformative if it also applied to the frame of working, production and presentation.

Email required Address never made public. Back to Hakim Bey and Ontological Anarchy. Jueves y Viernes a las Yvonne Rainer, WorkNew York: So far it produces open, flexible and contingent definitions inetrnacional dance and critique in how we are habituated to perceive it, but it remains dependent on internal, medium-specific matters of dance because operating in the institutional context of theatre makes its critique bound to the theatre dispositif.

But it is spectacle with a difference. Intdrnacional is the heterogeneity of surfaces that touch each other; heterogeneity that stimulates further heterogenesis, and not homogenization under the responsibility of one or the attraction to one author. Increasing the number of people involved in interaction, even if only from two to three qualitatively alters the situation.

Inquietando Saltar al contenido. Wesleyan Unievrsity Press, Work would more and more be reduced as an exterior necessity through the automation of production and the socialization of vital goods, which would finally give complete liberty to the individual.

However the encounters between established authors can be intriguing in themselves, they are primarily stimulated by taste and box-office measurement of the programmer. What could be the conditions for situacionisha a collectivity of authors, as well as its specific difference to the frames of collaboration we know of today? The gray tube of PVC in which the book is conserved, besides evoking those tunnels through which Joris transits, is a nod and a tribute to Fernando Abellanas, who is a plumber.

This novel use of nothingness elicits a superabundant production of spectacle. Under the existing dominant society, which produces the miserable pseudo-games of non-participation, a true artistic activity is necessarily classed as criminality.



I want to stress: The liberation of the game, its creative autonomy, supersedes the ancient division between imposed work and passive leisure.

What are the qualities of interaction that could result from working outside labor market requirements and cultural policy orientation? Critics call for better values, as if values were something that could be advertised and sold. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Community is a given fact, rather than an agency of mobilization, for there is nothing to mobilize for collectively.

Situationist International – Monoskop

In effect, it is represented by networks of venues, festivals, research labs, flying programmers, showcase platforms, online criticism mxnifiesto etc.: Penguin Books,pp. The dramaturgy of the ascending ritualist voyage of an individual within a collective, be it in the life of a tribal commune or in stage representation — as the theatre collectives in the 60s pursued — dissolved its own project of social and political change, because in the final stage of the process, it narrows it down to the abstract idea of individual freedom.

Throughout the different adventures that happens in this essay, Joris imagines hanging hideaways, nuclear shelters, clandestine cinemas or underground cities, but above all he propose a different way of contemplating the residual spaces of the city.

But at a deeper level, it is the commodifying of imagination itselfthe moral passivity, the social isolation, the angst that is generated by living in a solipsistic world of fraudulent satisfactions that is producing the greatest evil. Imagine you are put upon a desert plain, a space which is inteernacional vast and blank that only your initiative can make of it a place.

The more collaboration is spoken of, the more it is lacking, symptomatic of crisis, says Myriam Van Imschoot: Collaboration in Art from Conceptualism to Postmodernism, Minnesota: At this moment, it is capable of articulating something like situacionlsta speech-act: Crea un blog o un sitio web gratuitos con WordPress.

The latter shapes the immaterial production as information in the form of a performative promise:

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