The Illuminates Of Thanateros. 1st edition. This book is dedicated to the Great Work of Magick and to all those interested in practical magickal work. To those. The Illuminates of Thanateros is essentially a practical Order, acting to organise local groups (Temples) and larger meetings, where members can take part in. Liber Null, a book by Pete Carroll, was originally written as a sourcebook for the magical organization, Illuminates of Thanateros. It includes.

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This was tnanateros intwo years after we attempted to raise the alarm about the Illuminates of Thanateros and my parents having been involved in that cult.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It should also be apparent that the founders of The OLD HAGS moot have shown an alarming lack of concern over this very serious issue and have demonstrated a complete thanqteros of integrity.

Illuminates Of Thanateros

No, I am not an ex-occultist. It is not like either of us owed her any favours, nor anyone else we have warned, but at least we tried.

Carroll, who studied science in college, attempts to demystify magic much like Aleister Crowley. As we said at the time, our warnings were based upon the disclosures of a brave young man with an invisible disability who had been repeatedly abused by the cult between the ages of 6 and We are also willing to answer further questions by email.

Should you wish to contact me personally my email address is n8nharris yahoo.


If you have any emails from them libelling us we would be grateful if you alerted the police about their behaviour. However, chaos magic lives up to its name, creating a realm where everything can contradict itself. My resignation a yhanateros seven years later was — as much as anything — out of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

I do not feel I have any choice — not if I want such Malicious Complaints against me to stop. The cul-de-sac cult, according to ALL disclosures including those resulting in prosecution, had a wide membership. So far, alerting the public to our jeopardy has been one of the only things keeping us safe. No doubt these Id-IOTs will all come as themselves, but they should still be easy enough to pick out from the crowds likely to be crawling through the many pubs in the area that night.

Indeed it has been steadily growing, and looks set to continue to do so. It is also clear that those with the wisdom to hear the disclosures of victims, or of whistle-blowers like ourselves, remain in the minority — but our numbers are growing, and they shall continue to grow. I have serious fears for her safety, since these dangerous sexual abusers have such a hold over her life. Both men quickly became dissatisfied with the state of the magical arts and the deficiencies they saw in the available occult groups.

Their Magi are skilled in hypnotism and NLP, and know how to orchestrate group trances. They do this in order to imply far greater influence and power than they in reality have.

Most of all I am upset and afraid for my daughter, as I am sure she would not have chosen to do this without coercion. That led to an untenable conflict between Peter and Ralph, which culminated in Ralph and all of his followers seceding from the IoT. Part of a series on.


Illuminates of Thanateros – Wikipedia

Can these people not see themselves at all? Nor have any other survivors of the cul-de-sac cult come forward to say I am exposing the wrong people. It is called ‘ice magick’ because it also involves imagining large amounts of ice, and drawing power from that imagined ice. Retrieved from ” https: Opposers think the concept is un-chaotic and limiting to individual members, while defenders believe the tradeoff illumintes chaoism allows for much more effective group work, especially on an international illuminatfs.

The document linked below proves that it was myself who went to the police concerning these matters.

Illuminates of Thanateros

Others in the occult community, such as Ray Sherwin, co-founder of the Illuminates of Thanateroshave come out in support of us, as have many others it would not be tactful to name at this time. I am also happy for you to share it with the police. Chaos magicians have frequently reacted to more traditional, religious or occult approaches to magic with scorn or derision.

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