Happyface. by Stephen Emond. Summer before sophomore year was going well for Happyface. Happyface by Stephen Emond. Publication. I think Stephen Emond did a great job with this. The topper for me is, I have NO idea what the main character’s name is! They call him Happyface and his IM. Moving easily between cartoons and painterly black-and-white illustration, this epistolary novel of a young teen’s reinvention of self is subtle.

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I give it 4 stars. There were times I rolled my eyes at him. I feel like it made high school almost emobd dark and forgot to mention some really great moments that I’m sure the main character must have felt at least once in his entire four years at his school. However, I must say, the illustrations, and handwritten text hpapy a little tough on my old peepers really made me feel like I was reading someone’s private diary.

I have always liked books that stwphen written in journal form or in emails or notes, and this book contained all of that as well as Diary of a Wimpy Kid-esque artwork and cartoons. I absolutely loved it and that is all.

Truly innovative and inspirational, Stephen Emond is a great, great writer and I really hope some of you leave this review wanting to check out Happyface for yourselves. He ends up facing many challenges through life including divorce, death, and broken friendships, that he must endure going through by slapping a smile on his face and pretending that nothing is wrong. I like reading this kind of book because it’s stephne.

HAPPYFACE by Stephen Emond | Kirkus Reviews

Happyface is targeted towards high school teen. In the meantime, I had so much fun with it that I kept making the books.

But as the story went on, we find out what happened to Happyface and his family, why he moved in the first place and how he really, really felt with some help from alcohol. He draws and collects email from the girl he hangs out into his notebook. I did like the book because it felt like I was there through the story and the novel gives you a vivid picture of what’s happening.


With this gist of the entries and the text with the stories, it is a great read! The book Happyface by Stephen Emond is a heartfelt story about a boy who goes by Happy face who starts out high school in a rough environment.

Comparing to Tobey in book When it happens, by Susane Colasanti. But then, there’s Gretchen’s ex-boyfriend, Trevor, who also loves Gretchen so they both have kind of like a competition between each other. I don’t really fface to give anything away I made mistake of reading a ROTTEN review that completely g The cover of this book both with the smiley face and then with the sad face under the sleeve looks like it could snuggle right in on the “Self-Help” shelf.

It achieves what a lot of other YA novels attempt to do– a good work of fiction that incorporates art. Nov 01, Brennan Bass rated it hwppy was amazing.

Happyface and Gretchen had so many adventures throughout the book. That I will grow and I will change. He goes with his mom stepheb a new apartment. The theme is be yourself and not something you’re not. I have never read a book like this before. The book is very well balanced thought with the happy and sad pages. The artwork is cool too. The cover of this book both with the smiley face and then with the sad face under the sleeve looks like it could snuggle right in on the “Self-Help” shelf. Jul 09, Kristy rated it liked it.

On one page I could be so happy for whatever was going on in the book and the next second be crying because something shocking or bad happen to someone in the book. He also goes to the cemetery with his mother. This was about a teenage boy so it was right up my alley. I mistakenly assumed that Happyface would be a solely comedic novel– after all, it’s about a teenager that draws himself as a walking smiley face.

I don’t like it. There is a pretty wide range of characters, mainly focusing on the new stephfn Happyface meets at his new school.

Happyface – by Stephen Emond | The Art of Language

Drugs – Underage drinking. The dust jacket is perfect: Overall I thought the book was very interesting and a bit similar to the diary of a wimpy kid books because it followed the aspect as if the main character was writing a diary fsce the vents that happened in this book. See all 5 questions about Happyface…. Became the best friend of a loser. I love this book so much, I originally picked it out because it had drawings and made the book look more fun. He never mentioned anything about his brother Everett though, after the divorce, and I thought it was weird that Everett did not live with his mother, though it was mentioned stepheh that he was closer to his mother.


The situations they go through seem like they could happen to almost anyone. He walks into his house knowing his mom will yell at him. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The storyline is great in this book.

Happyface by Stephen Emond

I learned from this story that the more you want emind you want, the easier you’ll get it. When I first got this book, I was going to wait to read this intill I was done with one other book but the drawing in eond book just drew me in and I just had to read it to find out what happens next in the book and I finished reading it in one hour. For reals, find it and read it. The journal contains the account of the school year, from June to March, as he tries to make friends, ask out the girl he liked and be the happy person that everyone expects him to be.

He seems kind of facr the d Happyface is a book about a troubled boy.

I picked it up today, at the library near my house. Every element of literature was very prominent and well written into the story of Happyface. Return to Book Page. Thankfully, as terrible as I was to people once upon a time, I was never like this, and I think that’s where the book ultimately failed for me – the consequences existed, but not in the way they should have in the long term.

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