This interesting and informative book was written by Eric Topol. Topol is a cardiologist who is globally recognized for his achievement and is. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, geneticist and cardiologist Eric Topol introduces a radical new approach to medicine. By bringing the. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, Eric Topol—one of the nation’s top physicians and a leading voice on the digital revolution in.

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Population versus Individual Topol points out the fact that a considerable portion of the tests or prescriptions frequently used in medicine of the present day are unnecessary or insufficient.

Written years ago, but ‘right on the money’ Nov 29, Carol rated it really liked it. Oct 25, loafingcactus rated it really liked it Shelves: Sequencing the Genome Since the Human Genomes Project, there have been continuous attempts to correct faulty genes, explain susceptibility toward diseases, medicone decide which drugs to use for treatment in various situations by sequencing the genome.

However, the feeling of it being a difficult read disappeared as I was reading chapter by chapter and began to develop respect for Topol, who possesses abundant and in-depth knowledge and insight on wide variety of subjects.

Trained at Johns Hopkins University, he conducted one of the first trials of a genetically engineered protein for treating heart attacks, and was the founder of the world’s first cardiovascular gene bank at the Cleveland Clinic. However, one of the biggest problems working against the development of a technologically superior uniform records system is that hospitals still need to maintain parallel records to comply with state and Federal requirements, which makes the resulting records systems remain complex and non-integrated.

Want to Read saving…. I look forward to the future in medicine and hope that his view of the future is on the money. Open in a separate window. I had the opportunity to talk with the president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, an oncologist, a few meicine back, who envisioned both doctor and patient receiving genetic profiles to highlight risks and targeted therapies.

From Imaging to Printing Organs Pocket-size high-resolution ultrasound which is one of the most significant advances in the field of medical imaging is replacing the stethoscope which has firmly kept its position in patient diagnosis since the first half of s. Finally, he states that a human being digitalizing other human beings means changing the life of human beings despite the fact destrcution many obstacles or concerns still exist while this could be called the essence of creative destruction beyond simple change.


Explore desstruction latest social science book reviews by academics and experts. I am convinced that technological change is radically altering the organization and practice of medicine, that these changes are becoming more pronounced and influential with the passage of time, and destructiln these changes may lead to “better” health care.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine by Eric Topol

Beyond reading email and surfing the Web, we will soon be checking our vital signs on our phone. The impact really hit home with me personally given that within the past year, I had a direct experience with myself and family members and issues of genetics and surgery that brought these issues to light. As much as the idea of continuous monitoring of our physical health will be beneficial there is a large patient population that won’t take advantage of the simple tools we already have at our disposal.

He is eloquent regarding the flaws of medical education and the difficulty of making changes. The book gives you all the pieces that will lead to a medical revolution. Topol ends the introduction with this: Cultivating a Data-Driven, Participatory Culture Topol insists that a basis for the medical destruction phenomenon which digital technology may already be creating has been prepared as mobile phones and personal computers have converged with the Internet.

Eric Topol No preview available – Feb 28, Ray rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The answer here is certainly less than a resounding yes. This is a big step forward from the current marginalized benefits occurring with population based medicines. To find out more about cookies and change your preferences, visit our Cookie Policy.

Therefore, it seems that the influence or insight Topol has in medicine does not have to be explained in particular. Here is an interesting book by Eric Topol, a renowned cardiologist with a social network presence I discovered him on Twitter.

After showing us what is he hopes people will become proactive and push for what is possible.

A Must Read: The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Quantifying everything is the future and healthcare is moving toward that as well. May 06, Karel Baloun rated it it was amazing. Thank you Eric for showing us the future. The idea is that we should be looking towards a future where everyone’s unique situation really unique because of the complexity of individual genomes as distinguished from a one size fits all approach.


There were times as I went through this that I wondered whether the author might not have taken leave of his senses, but as it went along I think not.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Although there are problems to be solved, such as financial medjcine, privacy, and data security issues, lack of evidence of the effectiveness, or the resistance of healthcare professionals, etc.

I would recommend this to an Great update on the current state of digital healthcare and many more ideas to look forward to. The author believes that healthcare is reaching a critical convergence with lf that will revolutionize how patients are treated, how doctors provide care, how drugs are developed, and how people maintain their health. The genome study has proven we are very uniquely individuals with different chemical values, and we will all be healthier when they Western Medicine treats us accordingly.

Makes you wonder if the death and decline of the medical profession is imminently near. Topol is convinced that consumers, not physicians, will lead the charge towards digitized medicine. But as it seems with most healthcare writers, Topol projects it may take decades for the change to come.

A Must Read: The Creative Destruction of Medicine | Health Standards

I added and edited my initial terrible and incomplete review. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The book sometimes get too technical and it focuses erlc lot on genomics one of the author’s favorite topics. I have little background in genetics, so I got totally lost in that part of the book, but it was worth the read.

Please review our privacy policy. I find this book a little muddled by Topol’s attraction to Quantified Self, which I find too easily aligns with traditional over-treatment and medicalization of health.

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