Empoasca fabae: Pygofer, lateral view. (From Young, b). Empoasca fabae: Subgenital plate. (From Dworakowska, c). Empoasca fabae: Style. Order Homoptera: Family Cicadellidae. Description. Leafhoppers are a group of small insects with piercing-sucking mouthparts. Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Potato leafhopper, Empoasca fabae, is a native species to Northern America.

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Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content. The Nearctic leafhoppers Homoptera: Forewing venation with apical cells 2 and 3 both quadrate basally, veins RP and Fqbae free, connected by crossvein or apical cell 2 petiolate, veins RP and MA confluent for short distance preapically.

Empoasca fabae (soybean)

BC migrates north every year from TX 1. The Cicadellidae or leaf-hoppers of South Carolina. Retrieved 22 May empoasfa Two new foes of the apple and pear.


Pygofer ventral appendage vestiture smooth or distinctly serrate. If you need expert professional advice, contact your local extension office. The leafhoppers of Minnesota.

Empoasca fabae (soybean) – Bugwoodwiki

Pronotum without dark band along posterior margin. Their summer range extends across the Midwest and eastern parts of Canada and the United States. Aedeagus atrium in caudoventral view not greatly expanded laterally, less than 2x average width of preatrium or empoaasca. Pygofer ventral appendage excavated preapically or compressed and tapered, bladelike. Proceedings of the United States National Museum.

Style preapical lobe absent. Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences. The Cicadellidae of Kansas. Empoasca fabae Scientific classification Kingdom: Currently, the empkasca effective method that exists for controlling E. Aedeagus dorsal apodeme very short or absent pair of weakly sclerotized dorsolateral arms may be present.

Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler, Faunistic and ecologic notes on Cuban Homoptera. Annals of Applied Biology. Aedeagus distal paired processes absent. Favae femur without dorsoapical macrochaetae or with 1 dorsoapical macrochaeta.


An annotated catalogue of the Australian Cicadelloidea Hemiptera: Annual Review of Entomology. Anal hook well-developed, but not extended more than half distance to ventral margin of genital capsulesimple or rounded posteriorly with acuminate dmpoasca projection, smoothcurved anterad or straight or nearly so.

General catalogue of the Homoptera. Check list of Ohio leafhoppers Homoptera: Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences.

Garden Insects of North America: Subgenital plate group A with 5 or fewer setae. Aedeagus postatrium absent, little if any development of atrial complex beyond base of shaft. Empoasca fabae belongs to family Cicadellidae and genus Empoasca within order Hemiptera. Chloroneura malefica Walsh, a:

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