Dark Desiring / Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird – book cover, description, publication history. Find Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline, Baird at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird released on Mar 25, is available now for purchase.

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Harlequin Books- Fiction – pages. Lemon rated it it was amazing Sep 14, The only thing that sticks to my propksal when i remember this book was the ;roposal when Jake thought Katy just came from her lover and he forced himself on her to expunge the smell of her lover. I call bullshit on how easy their main issue with the OW too.

The H felt guilty tho, cause he was almost thirty and had a life before the h and she was only 18 and hadn’t gotten the chance yet.

Nisha rated it it was ok May 23, dishonoursble Return to Book Page. The H and the h were once in love till a misunderstanding tore them apart and the plot revolves around the H trying every trick in the book to get the now uber successful-supermodel h back.

The h really does love him and she is pretty much ruined for other men anyways. When she abruptly says she wants to live in Paris instead, accept that she b young and she should have some time on her own before settling down. So she spends the next four years as a top fashion model and becoming the pin-up of the French Navy due to a lingerie photo of her in a basque and dishonoursble.

But she always felt a little guilty because her diary was more fiction than fact.

He is a keeper. She found out that he was lying to her view spoiler [ Or WAS he? Ships with Tracking Number!

Dishonourable Proposal

This one involves a 22 yr old h and a 34 yr H who have a past. What DID work for me: I have to say something here, nobody does sexy Heroes like Jacqueline Baird. Apart from a spell as a hopeful painter in oils, when she actually did have a painting accepted for the Federation of Northern Artists’ annual exhibition her real passion was for romance novels. Eight years later, after working as a hotel receptionist in a five-star hotel in Scotland and traveling abroad for a few years, she came home and married him.


How he figured that out is beyond me. There are many lurve mojo moments and many, many fights. Dec 05, Allison rated it liked it. The H comes back early and finds out the h is in France and has a huge hissy fit cause he thinks the h was stepping out on him, and for a guy who is even older than the H is to add insult to injury- but the fashion guy was also a heck of a lot nicer.

He courts her from afar until she becomes legal. She went to the local village school, and later an all-girls’ grammar school where she passed the University of Oxford General Certificate of Education in various subjects. When Jacqueline is not busy writing she likes to spend her time traveling, reading and playing cards. I doubt he looked at any other woman AFTER buying a house for the heroine and for which he sold his paternal house.

Then he makes her move in with him, have lots of sex, buys her lots of clothes, gives her an engagement ring and an engagement party in Venice. Eatons Books and Crafts Published: On leaving school she joined the civil service in the then Post Office department. I think I’ve made it clear why Jake was hard to like — hardly a virgin when he met Katy, he nonetheless thinks her ostensible promiscuity equals “whore” status, then has no problem putting her in an actual prostitution situation.

Apr 09, boogenhagen rated it liked it Shelves: Then the H and h go off on their separate ways for a weekend – the H goes to ski and might even be meeting up with the h’s ex step-mother, as apparently they like to rendezvous at ski chalets together, or so the step-mother said.


Aug 06, iamGamz rated it liked it Recommends it for: The h throws the jewelry at the H, tells him she is not and has never been a tart, there has only been him for her – but he obviously has no problems spreading it all around, cause look at who gets to vote her ex-stepmother’s shares.

When Kate decides to leave modeling at the pinnacle of her stardom and concentrate on being a designer with the help of her father’s company, she never expected that she would have to face Jake, her first love and ex who broke her heart into pieces. She also made some pretty TSTL decisions at times in the book view spoiler [ seriously? Want to Read saving….

Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird

Jake complied with one single savage thrust; her body arched off the bed and her long legs wrapped around his waist. Overall a good read. Katy is thrilled, until proposak learns that Luke is having an affair with her wicked step-mother.

Sep 29, StMargarets rated it liked it Shelves: How she gives into his dishonorable proposal as his mistress forms the story. Jan 01, Fiona Marsden rated it liked it. No teenage crush, Katy’s love for Jake Granton was as real as the searing heartbreak of his betrayal. She goes and yells at the H about how he is a dishonourable, lyin’ cheating slime swiller parasite pustule who carried on with the wife of his supposedly good friend for years, then seduced his daughter and proposed to cover his affair up.

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