by: Belizario Quispe, Nestor Published: (); Caracterización de tecnologías del cultivo de quinua (chenopodium quinoa willd.) Orgánica en la asociación de . Cobertura de Kudzu en plantaciones de palma – siembra y desarrollo. []. Villanueva Guerrero A. Guerra J.M.. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Ensaio de con sorel acHo de Kudzu tropical (Pueraria phaseoloides) em pastagens. Instituto de ( LOPEZ, A. Uso y cultivo del pasto gordura. Temas de.

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The total experimental area used in the present study was 4 ha, with 2 ha being reserved to SPS and 2 ha reserved to the implantation of legumes for full sun cultivation. Agroforestry Systems67 Legumes were manually planted in both areas SPS and full sunwith seedbeds measuring 70 m 2 10 x 7 m for each legume. Kudzu, a member of the Fabaceae family, is a perennial plant that originated from Asia. The seeds were not inoculated.

However, Andrade, Valentim, Carneiro, and Vaz showed that pasture growth in SPSs is limited directly by reduced luminosity shade and indirectly by greater nitrogen utilization under these cropping conditions.

Additionally, since assessment was performed in the middle of spring, that is, forage development happened more intensely during the winter, it is likely that the position of the sun during that period of the year has resulted in a different sun ray inclination.

Growing tropical forage legumes in full sun and silvopastoral systems

The dry samples were processed in a Wiley mill with a 1mm sieve. Official methods of analysis 18th ed. The shade provided by the SSP caused a reduction in the mass of dry matter production, but also altered the chemical composition of the studied legumes. Stylosanthes showed good forage yield during the dry season too. Dee kudzu kudu were either broadcasted over the terrain or sown in furrows in the main plots at rates, in both cases, of, and points of cultural value on the subplots.

The cultivation of legumes in SSP increased the levels of mineral matter, crude dultivo and neutral detergent fiber. Soybean seeds of the cultivar NK RR V-Max RR were sown on December 12,according to a no-tillage system at a depth of 5 cm and 45 cm between rows at a rate of The higher LDMMY value found in macrotyloma, under full sun cultivation, evidenced the good yield that this legume presents during the season unfavorable to forage development dry season.


As for species effect in the whole plant, macrotyloma showed the highest NDF level Forage yield under shading condition corresponded approximately to Colombo,bloco 40 CEP Tel. Spanish Culgivo of Agricultural Research7 2 Singly cultivated corn was considered the control treatment. However, before disregarding the cultivation of these legumes in agroforestry systems, new studies with less intense shading levels should be conducted.

Thus, for the cultivation of tropical forage legumes in SPS the adoption of less dense tree spatial arrangements are proposed so as to promote a level of shading on the pasture that does not limit forage growth in the understory of these systems. Under said conditions, the vegetable uses some strategies to vultivo stressful effects from the environment.

The dry matter of weeds was not significantly affected by the studied treatments. ds

Animal Sciences36 2 All this was followed by an aspersion mobile irrigation system to water the whole experimental area SPS and full sunwhenever rain scarcity reached an interval longer than 14 days. During the growth of moderate damage crickets and worms on the leaves and trips damaged flowers. Archivos de Zootecnia57 1 Kurzu arguments justify the increment in NDF content of legumes cultivated under more intense shading conditions.

Facultad de Ciencias Forestales. Noticias sobre cultivos de cobertura.

When the kudzu was broadcasted, the number of weeds was Merrand crotalaria Crotalaria spectabilisRothobserved no significant effect on corn yield in the first year, but in the second year, the corn yield was significantly higher when the intercropping had been with jack bean. Macrotyloma ciltivo stylosanthes did not differ from each other, with values reaching 0.

After the drying time, the samples were weighed so as to obtain their partial dry matter content. In general, field observations pointed some morphological changes among vegetables cultivated in the SPS compared to the full sun treatment, which include elongated stems, increased leaf area and reduced number of leaves per plant for forages cultivated under the shade. Intercropping did not cause corn plant development to show any significant difference compared with that of the singly cultivated corn plants.


In addition to the amount of light hitting the SPS understory being reduced, the quality of luminosity that reaches the pasture of these systems suffers changes.

To CNPQ for their financial support. Pasturas Tropicales culivo, 17 1 Intercropping corn and kudzu in a rotation system with soybean. The day kudu planting, the area was harrowed again and shallow planting grooves were made 2 to 4 cm deepwith 50 cm between lines. As for leaf fraction, macrotyloma showed the lowest NDF cultjvo The corn and kudzu intercropping, independently of the sowing procedure and of the sowing rate, benefitted the plant population and the height and grain yield d soybean in the first year of the experiment compared with the maize monoculture control plot.

Kjdzu were evaluated Pueraria phaseoloides in three lots of temporary of different age the first in recent sowing seed or first year, the second of 2 years and the third 3 year old plantation. The procedure by which the U.

For bromatological composition determination, the following contents were determined: The authors reported that ee allelopathic effect of the eucalyptus had little influence on the development of the pasture cultivated in the SPSs understory.

The main changes in vegetables subjected to intense shading are: Cultivo consorciado de milho para silagem com Brachiaria brizantha no sistema de plantio convencional.

Conectivas lógicas

The corn plant, because of its height, with ears at high positions, is appropriate for intercropping because these characteristics make the harvesting of the intercropped forage plants easier Alvarenga et al. Planta Daninhav. Results pointed differences in dry matter yield between the two treatments, evidencing mean values of 4, and 1, kg of DM ha -1 cut -1 for full sun and SPS cultivations, respectively.

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