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During my talk, I will present several variants of the problem, including cooperative guards, fault-tolerant guards, mobile guards, and the pursuit evasion problem, and discuss their relation to the well-known graph theory problems, e.

This looks somewhat technical, but there are many combinatorial problems that can be expressed in this way. Nilli On the chromatic number of random Cayley graphs.

Kierstead komninatoryki Kostochka’s abstract: Every non-trivial voting method between at least 3 alternatives can be strategically manipulated. This is a joint work with Roman Glebov and Dan Kral.

The 3-SAT problem consists in determining if a boolean formula with 3 literals per clause is satisfiable. This will be a survey talk presenting a collection of open problems on combinatorial games and integer sequences. Winograd, Disks, balls, and walls: A few generalizations are provided as well.

Some existing problems and results about these parameters will be presented. I will describe two simple algorithms to compute e P for special classes of posets. Each of them can see only colleagues from the adjacent vertices. A pile of n chips occupies a vertex v of a long path. In view of an alternative event: This also shows that the Brooks’ theorem remains valid in more general game coloring setting.

We consider the minimum number of brushes needed to clean d-regular graphs in this model, focusing on the asymptotic number for random d-regular graphs.


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Some related problems and questions will be posed. Let G be a connected graph with at least three vertices. A model for cleaning a graph with brushes was recently introduced. This represents joint work with Philipp Zumstein and Stefanie Zurcher. How many different edge slopes are necessary and sufficient to draw any outerplanar graph of degree Delta in the plane in the outerplanar way, that is, so that edges are non-crossing straight-line segments and all vertices lie on the outer face?

The problem has continuous and multiple versions for which topological method is also applied. Joint work kombinatory,i Noga Alon.

If there is enough time left I shall give a short survey of some recent results in this area. Moreover, the subgraph and its coloring can be found in polynomial time. Can we partition the set S into n triangles so that 1 each triangle is multicolored i. For a set P of points in a d-dimensional Euclidean space a Delaunay triangulation is a triangulation T P such that no point in P is inside the circum-hypersphere of any simplex in T P.

Set intersection, perfect graphs, and voting in agreeable societies. Let A be a square matrix of size n. In particular I will show that much before solutions disappear, they organize into an exponential number of clusters, each of which is relatively small and far apart from all other clusters.

In this talk, I will share my thoughts of what such an algorithm may look like, and ask the audience for a proof of correctness or a counterexample: Edit distance problem can be also extendeded in many ways to rooted labeled trees. A set of points S, being a subset of P, is a guard set for grid P if any point of P is seen by at least one guard in S.


Victor Bryant

This will be a survey talk presenting a development of 3D asprkty graphics from its birth at MIT and UU in late 60′ to present day. Problems connected to one-dimensional dynamics are often expressed in the language of combinatorics. Modern Combinatorics is a fundamental area with many exciting topics of great importance in Computer Science.

I will also discuss kominatoryki extension of these results to graphs. Can we always do a proper assignment using just three numbers 1, 2, and 3?

We prove several theorems concerning arithmetic properties of Stern polynomials defined in the following way: It is shown that, for any k, there exist infinitely many positive integers n such that in the prime power factorization of n! However, for the sake of agreement, people may be willing to accept as a group choice an option that is merely “close” to their ideal preferences.

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On-line chain partititoning of orders can kombinatorki viewed as the game between two-person between: Suddenly, on every bear’s head, a hat falls down in one of k available colors. We will discuss its relations with other open problems concerning matroids. We disprove the conjecture by constructing a finitely forcible graphon such that the associated space of typical vertices is not compact. In the last thirty years algebraic topology has become an important tool in combinatorics.

Clearly, if the necklace is open and beads in kombinatoryku color form a segment then r cuts are necessary.

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