Before Night Falls is the autobiography of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas, describing his Original title, Antes que anochezca: autobiografía. Translator. Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas describes his poverty-stricken childhood in rural, his adolescence as a rebel fighting for Fidel Castro, and his life in revolutionary. This shocking memoir by the Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas is a book about sexual, political and artistic freedom. In Before Night Falls, Arenas recounts his.

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Biblioteca Reinaldo Arenas Paperback: I can not believe for one second many of the tales of his “erotic encounters. Search for ” Antes que anochezca ” on Amazon. He was able to collect enough paper this way to continue his writing.

A brave, honest and tragic autobiography, in a way demonstrating the persistence of idealism and hope despite the horrors of Castro’s Cuba and the brutal disappointments of exile.

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Sadly after this period of enlightenment, everything went to garbage come I miei incontri con questa sinistra godereccia e fascista furono abbastanza polemici. Even though we learn of the horrors about Cuba, he plays homage to those who successfully escaped the island and to his friends and family who unfortunately died in Cuba in its disparity. In that time period, Reinaldo was a teenager who volunteered for the revolution and clearly points out how they say thousands of soldiers died when in reality this big war was more a battle of intellects using propaganda to exaggerate more than the truth.

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Freedom from the sexual discrimination against gays in the Communist Arrenas and this explains the picture that Reinaldo Arenas And he’s right – the Nobel Prize is so often political, and so often prejudiced toward the Left. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Teenage Reinaldo as Vito Maria Schnabel.


Because he was living practically in nature, he got to see a different prospect of life and for a brief time he felt independent and free because being able to roam around in nature without anyone antea bother him, swimming in the river, and overall connecting to the animals gave him this major spiritual and sexual awakening.

One person found this helpful. I am also grateful to him for sharing his story. Arenas was thrilled to have lived long enough to witness the downfall of Cuba’s sugar daddy, the Soviet Union.

I desperately want to give this book the full 5 stars because Reinaldo Arenas’s writing is impeccable but unfortunately this book is not meant for anocheaca consumption. Besides, he went through tons of shit trying to identify himself in a country which he loved but which tried to damn him because of what they projected as a threatening liberal attitude.

When you read this book, you will be given a raw and realistic insight into cuban society under Fidel Castro’s regime and it will not look all that good, but something about it just makes cuban culture and cuban history very intriguing. It seems that every policeman, soldier, government official, and male in Cuba is either a blatant homosexual or a repressed homosexual.

Before Night Falls

Arenas happens to be homosexual, which is unacceptable, and his poetry extols natural beauty which is, it seems, seen as counter-revolutionary. Upon questioning, our tour guide insisted that it was not and had never been a prison — a revisionist history indicative of an ongoing dictatorship.

Tusquets Editores original Viking Press English translation. El color del verano.

Antes Que Anochezca = Before Night Falls

Besides, every time Arejas see that guy I hear Alan Vega: His Hallucinations was awarded “first Honorable Mention” in although, as the judges could find no better entry, no First Prize was awarded that year.


I guess an honest thing this book projects is the lack of hope for ideal structures in government and in life, and how the system never owned up to its own failings.

He also hated homosexuals and if you were caught for being one you were sent to jail or a concentration camp waiting to serve your sentence. Having managed to read most of it in the original Spanish with the English translation at hand I was als Even before the actual beginning of the book in the introduction we become aware of how unreliable Arenas is as a narrator.

Mar 31, Nooilforpacifists rated it liked it Shelves: It’s just possible Arenas saw the chance of mocking the would-be guardians of Cuban morality by painting the place as a homosexual free-for-all, but even if so I applaud him for it.

You can fall in love with a ghost.

Before Night Falls by Reinaldo Arenas

In Before Night Falls, Arenas recounts his journey from a poverty-stricken childhood in rural Cuba to his death in New York four decades later. Yet he seemed to juggle reinaldk hardships in a very brave and undefeated way, it’s as if he was used to live in misery and accept it I want to visit Cuba more than ever after reading Reinaldo Arenas’ bio. I feel admiration for him for having survived and grief for the people who were destroyed – some physically, some mentally.

His writings and openly gay lifestyle were, bybringing him into conflict with the Communist government.

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