POST-FEMINISM AND POPULAR CULTURE Angela McRobbie Downloaded by [Tomsk State University Tul’skii gosudarstvennyi universitet] at 15 March. KEYWORDS girl power, individualism, popular feminism, postfeminism . Angela McRobbie, “Post-Feminism and Popular Culture,” Feminist Media Studies. Post-Feminism and Beyond Angela Mcrobbie . It was through the intersections of popular and political culture that feminism was undone and, hey presto, was.

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They were to be encouraged at achieve in school, at university and in the world of work and in each of these spheres they could rightly expect norms of gender equality to prevail. It would be possible to extend their argument to include some of the critiques provided by second-wave feminism.

But if we extend their argument it would be possible to suggest that some of the successes of feminism translated into employers and the state being forced here to compromise and grant concessions which had the overall effect of permitting women more protection and security in regards to rights and entitlements and also legitimacy in their move into work and employment.

Gender and the Politics of Popular Culture. Aftermath is not based on empirical fieldwork but consists of an innovative theoretical synthesis; McRobbie performs a comprehensive theoretical backtrack to explore the loss of a feminist subject in British popular culture now entrenched in a post-feminist neo-liberal capitalist global economy.

This was a hegemonic process aiming at what Stuart Hall would call a kind of gender settlement regarding the status and identity of young women. Fraser sees unwitting collusion on the part of feminism here which, she argues, not uncontroversially, had by the time at which neoliberalism was on the ascendant, subordinated or suspended?

Duke University Press, pp. Diane Negra and Yvonne Poppulareds. Works Cited Driver, Susan.

Interrogating Postfeminism demonstrates not only the viability of, but also the necessity for, a powerful feminist critique of contemporary popular culture. Postfeminism is defined by class, age, and racial exclusions; it is youth-obsessed and white and middle-class by default. Post Feminism and Popular Culture: Reading, Resisting, and Creating Media. Essays by feminist film, media, and literature scholars based in the United Popjlar and United Kingdom provide an array of perspectives on the social and political implications of postfeminism.

This is merely mcrobibe set one powerful apparatus alongside another, each with an agenda which may or may not coincide.


As long as she did not become a single mother who would be reliant on welfare she could gain access to sexual pleasures which in the past had always been the privilege populxr men hence the new female market for soft pornography and the growth of so-called porn chic. Personally I found myself taking sharp in-breaths as McRobbie spun out an increasing sense of loss, pessimism, and lack of confidence in new generations of young women.

The young woman could also expect as a result of her hard working outlook and capacity also to gain some tangible sexual freedoms in the form of access to leisure culture, to a postfeminissm life which need not be tied to marriage and having children, and to a climate where the sexual double standard was to be removed so that the young woman could heartily enjoy kcrobbie with impunity, indeed cultjre could also now get drunk, and even behave badly within certain limits as Bridget Jones tumbles out of taxis onto the street after a long night in the wine bar.

Political Culture, Popular Culture and Young Women The scale of this undertaking, a re-making of modern young womanhood so as to suggest that feminism has indeed been taken into account, required the active participation of the media and popular culture. What was omitted was encouragement to a more active form of political participation.

Post-Feminism and Beyond Angela Mcrobbie – MOCAK

Cklture changes in the new neo-liberal era as it was embarked upon by the New Labour government was a joining of forces across the media and political life which had the effect of intervening in the space where previously feminism may have done its work, and substituting, in a pre-emptive manner, so that young women in particular become the object of intense attention.

Looked at in this broadly Foucauldian manner we can see the emergence of similar mobilising vocabularies and clusters of expressions and ideas.

Let me conclude this update on the question of post-feminism with one final point. Remember that cultur can manage the cookies yourself by changing the settings on your browser. Date Event Published. From Jackie to Just 17McRobbie constructed a progressive cultural shift that reflected gains in new sexual freedoms and power for young women. To this extent young women have been expected to become both quiet and quiescent.

Research Online

This new regime of gender power requires the consent and participation of young women in the rejection of feminism. These images appeared, in a celebratory fashion, to reverse the clock, turning it back to some earlier pre-feminist moment, while at the same time doing so in a rather tongue-in-cheek kind of way. This concerns the UK Postfeminizm government. The work of the Operaismo writers would presumably make a similar case for women though they pay little or no attention to gender in their writing.


Powtfeminism McRobbie, contemporary popular culture expresses what has been termed “post feminism”. Feminism is associated with the past and with poular and unglamorous women Germaine Greer in the UK, Alice Schwartzer in Germany and this encourages a dis-identification with feminism on the part of young women.

Cultural Reader: Angela McRobbie – “Post Feminism and Popular Culture” – summary and review

Gender, Culture, and Social Change. It presumes that women are unsatisfied with their taken for granted legal and social equality and can find fulfillment only through practices of transformation and empowerment. But so far removed are they from ordinary women, especially those now losing their jobs across the public sector, that they may as well be film stars or celebrities. Julia Downes, University of Leeds.

However I am already reading more gender dynamics into this work than are actually present, they are perhaps at best implicit. Thank goodness, the image seemed to suggest, we can now, once again, enjoy looking at the bodies of beautiful women with impunity. Once again McRobbie has emerged as a confident feminist scholar of gender and culture, unafraid of making theoretical U-turns and taking risks.

From the late s, my attention, as a feminist sociologist, kept being drawn to media images which were intended to provoke some imagined group of always humourless feminists. In “Post Feminism and Popular Culture” Feminist Media Studies 4, feminist cultural researcher Angela McRobbie argues that popular culture during the 9o’s is characterized by a set back from the achievements of the feminist movement.

Zamknij On this site we use cookies to aid your use of our service and for statistical purposes. However apart from implicitly castigating the so-called cultural feminists with whom she has already been in critical dialogue, especially Judith Butler, Fraser underplays the way in which capitalism sought to undo feminism.

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