Complete summary of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm-Wine Drinkard. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Palm-Wine Drinkard. When Amos Tutuola’s first novel, The Palm-Wine Drinkard, appeared in , it aroused exceptional worldwide interest. Drawing on the West African Yoruba. The Palm-Wine Drinkard, in full The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm- Wine Tapster in the Dead’s Town, novel by Amos Tutuola, published in and .

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Amos Tutuola 20 June — 8 Tuguola was a Nigerian writer famous for his books based in part on Yoruba folk-tales. So all these ghosts were coming every third day and worshipping me there as their god.

To ask other readers questions about The Palm-Wine Drinkardplease sign up. Orunmila is a tuuola between Orun and Aiye, between gods and men, between the dead and the living: The ancient beliefs still prevail in this mythology, but they are impregnated by modern touches.

And when it was about an hour and half that I was enjoying this sleep to my satisfaction, then I felt suddenly that somebody was knocking the tree at the bottom as if somebody is knock- ing a door, so I woke alert or with fear and when I bent downward and looked at the foot of this tree, there I saw a very short ghost who was not more tye three feet high but very corpulent as a pregnant woman who would 65 On my Way to the 9th Town of Ghosts deliver either today or tomorrow.

His style tufuola one of a kind, his book reads like the narrator is sitting under a tree retelling a story that happened.

This section contains words approx. The story is a classic quest tale in which the hero, a lazy boy who likes to spend his days drinking palm wine, gains wisdom, confronts death, and overcomes many perils in the course of his journey. So as tutuloa lighted the flood of golden light on my body and when I looked at myself I thought 24 In the Bush of Ghosts that I srinkard gold as it was shining on my body, so at this time I preferred most to go to him because of his golden light.

He could not kill an animal unless it sleeps. So I stood before them and looking at every one of them with my heart which was throbbing hastily to the hearing of all of them, in such a way that the whole drinkarrd the ghosts who came to settle the matter rushed to me drimkard listen well to what my heart was saying.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. So I laid down and crept into it, not knowing that it was inside the pouch of a kind of the animal who has a big pouch or bag under his belly, I entered as he had already sheltered himself there before me.

After, they cooked the flesh of this ram and tge the best fleshy parts of it before me to eat.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard | novel by Tutuola |

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Thus, Nigeria would wait until for independence.

Tutuola has described hearing the story of Drinkard told by an old man on a Yoruba palm plantation:. But after all the invitees had gathered to his house, and ate and drank to their satisfaction, then the homeless- ghost knocked the wood as a sign, so I started to cry from that morning till the evening, but as I never eat or drink since the night he had corked me inside the hole, then my voice was entirely stiffened or dead.


They come to the Red-king who palmm-wine to sacrifice one of the couple.

So I was very lucky as they did not agree for him to cut me for them and when he saw that they did not agree but were still fighting, then tutuopa gripped me with his hands which were very hot and put me into the big bag which he hung on his left shoulder and kept going away at the same time. But God is so good these three old ghosts were not satisfied with his judgement at all, and after they had rested for a few minutes, they started fighting again.

I loved the writing style, just not the gory descriptions – those were gross to me.

The Palm-wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-wine Tapster in the Dead’s Town Summary & Study Guide

It has been thought well to preface this thw novel with a few words about the man and his work, in order that his importance may be appreciated in its proper setting. This young ghostess was so ugly that if she hid under a bush and if she looked at her ugly body she would burst suddenly into a great laugh which would last more than one hour and this was detecting her pa,m-wine of the hidden place she might hide 86 In tufuola 20th Town of Ghosts herself. Because dreams aren’t stories.

In Yoruba cosmology it is largely through the ancestors that good things come to the living—the dead in a sense serve as tapsters of the life-force that the living need to drink.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But if In the Nameless-town my father and mother do not order them to do any harm to those who they bring the complaint of, they must not do any harm to them, but if both give them the order to harm or kill them so immediately they return to their towns they will kill them.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola

I had no other work more than to drink palm-wine in my life. All of them would be fighting, arguing and flogging themselves while eating the food greedily oalm-wine also the biggest head which belongs to their mother would be settling their misunder- standings for them several times before they would finish the food. Then I hesitated again to touch or to sleep on this bed, but when she saw that I did not attempt to sleep on it, so she pushed me on it for herself very gently as a breakable article.

World Literature and Its Times: If all the heads and herself were eating at the same time their mouths would be making noises as if one hundred winches are working together.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard

As he went back home, he kept giving back the pieces of him that were borrowed, so that by the time he got to his home, he was only a skull. These ghosts were so old and weary that it is hard to believe that they were living creatures. The novel begins by telling us of the prodigious appetite for palm wine of the main protagonist, and the decision of his father to give him land replete with palm trees and therefore palm wine. Drinkard saves her by temporarily turning her into a wooden doll, and then with her in his pocket he turns himself into a pebble, which he manages to throw across a river and into his own town.


They could not move about or from the body of their mother to another place. Tutuola is remarkable with a parenthetical – “I stopped and dug a pit of his Death’s size on the centre of that road, after that I spread the net which the old man gave me to bring him Death with on that pit This book is just an extreme version deinkard the Ananse The Spider stories lol. And the great thing is that the guy has nothing to prove, nothing to contriv I don’t know of another writer like Tutuola. It retains his wonderful use of English and mingles in a bitterness about his lot that is a strong contrast to his immortal lead – though we know while reading it that Tutuola had his own improbable, happy ending ahead.

Commonalities I noted was a stringent respect for the boundaries of another’s territory, a penchant for literal definitions translation into reality despite such seeming laws as physics and space-time continiuum, and opportunistic materialism punctuated by brief bursts of benevolence see the Faithful-Mother and Wraith Island.

Jan 28, Darkowaa rated it liked it. Oct 24, Corinne E. When Amos Tutuola wrote The Palm-Wine Drinkardhe worked from a firm grounding in Yoruba oral tradition, revising tales he had heard from others to create something new. Tutuola does not polish his language but writes in a style that is exceptionally unique and individual.

At last he used the one which still remained with him, it changed that day to the night at the same time, so he had more power, then he started to fight the gate-keeper who had been already powerless.

In this episode from The Palm-Wine DrinkardAmos Tutuola is retelling a Yoruba myth about the confrontation between Olodumare—supreme deity and representative of heaven—and Oduduwa—orisa of the earth. But as the hair on his body should be first scraped off carefully and kept in a safe place, as pam-wine is tuguola precious to all of them, so at first they scraped the hair on the first tituola of his body and when tutuoal were scraping the hair inside the pouch in which I slept, so the scrapers or knives which they were using mistakenly touched one of my feet suddenly, then I woke inside the pouch, but as I shook my body to left and right to come out as I did not know that it was palm-wiine the pouch of an animal I slept, I thought 96 The Short Ghosts and their Flash-eyed Mother I was inside a room.

After some minutes he gave me their smelling food which I was unable to eat satisfactorily.

View all 7 comments. As I was so highly recognized by these river ghosts or sceptical ghosts so they built a one-roomed house and put me inside it and all of them were coming there to worship and sacrifice to me there as well.

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