[Originally published in , translated by Wendell Frye as Indian Summer]. Adalbert Stifter is the towering giant of Austrian literature, who. Analysis and discussion of characters in Adalbert Stifter’s Indian Summer. Complete summary of Adalbert Stifter’s Indian Summer. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Indian Summer.

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It’s a valiant effort. All the details fit. There are some things which struck me as interesting and true.

November 9, at One is the marble statue which the hero barely notices at adalbdrt, but then gradually comes to observe with a deep appreciative pleasure.

In modern times an unimaginable pedagogy. Maybe I should not review under the influence. How wonderful to see another reader of this book Vishy pointed me here!

Literary Encyclopedia | Der Nachsommer

The fact is that some of what Stifter is doing, adalgert some of the culture he assumes, has become a bit alien. And while I do realise that there are many who seemingly love and much appreciate Adalbert Stifter’s descriptiveness and the general peaceful, caressing, conflict empty ambience of Der Nachsommer tsifter, I personally have always tended to view this novel as basically being formulaic to the extreme, as being the following.

Strange Flowers Highly unusual lives. The Freiherr von Risach’s Rosenhaus is therefore in many ways almost shown by the author, is depicted by Adalbert Stifter through his raconteur, through Heinrich as a domicile akin and alike to a fairy tale castle of philosophical, literary and artistic delights, but I for one have always tended to find Heinrich’s extended and minutely depicted and detailed recited zdalbert sojourn at the Rosenhaus a rather tedious and dragging reading experience, and at least for me on a personal level generally devoid of much if not of most of what makes a novel, but what especially makes a Bildungsroman, a novel of development and maturation of personal change readable and enjoyable.

What I said above still stands, but I probably would have given it at most 2 stars, had I not been enamored of Stifter’s language. I think I will like this book. View all 10 comments. He explains that he utilizes each plant and animal in the best possible way, the only way that would create this completely functional balance in the garden. Lonesome Reader An Unreliable Reader.


His father is a merchant who has planned out Heinrich’s early education at home in the minutest detail. Search This Blog Search for: I enjoyed reading it in sections as it would have been a bit too insian reading it in one go.

Indian Summer by Adalbert Stifter

In fact, it is so idyllic that I don’t believe at any sfifter in the novel do any of the characters say, or think, summer of any other character and I can only recall one point near the end of the novel, where one elderly character is recounting the story of a love affair from his past, when there was a degree of tension between characters.

In he published Der Nachsommertranslated by Wendell Frye as Indian Summerwhich is his best known srifter most celebrated work. Stifter has no interest in stirring the pot, in allowing his realism to depict social unrest or anything that could incite it.

I was sad when they chopped down an old tree in the yard and cut it into firewood.

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Rombach, Wolfgang Matz, Gewalt des Gewordenen. Travels with Tim and Lisa “If my discoveries are other people’s commonplaces I cannot help it – for me they retain a momentous freshness” Elizabeth Bowen. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The pieces were no longer a tree and since they were rotten couldn’t be made into a chair or stifted table or a cross-bar or a saw horse.

Indian Summer

I don’t think it is really possible to write a successful novel with such an absence of plot, dramatic tension, or conflict. Der Nachsommer [Indian Summer] words. Etwas langatmig die Detailbeschreibungen, obwohl sie super geschrieben sind. This does not mean, however, that I do not recommend the Nachsommer. The author creates just enough events, like short two day excursions by horse carriage, Mountain and forest hiking, to create situations needing educational explanations and positive argumentation.


There’s no way I could go back and find them all now. The book is in three parts and I ended up reading each part with a significant break inbetween. For the rest of the novel Heinrich shuttles between his parents’ home, the Asperhof and the house of some friends of Risach, the ‘Sternenhof’; he has many discussions with Risach on geology, art, illustrating, furniture restoring, statues, marble-flooring, roses, church restorations, nature and many other ztifter things; I believe only once does the conversation turn to more spiritual matters.

The garden, for instance, and the application of its model structure iindian the human sphere. I think you would definitely have to be in the right mood to read this, and also splitting it up is probably sensible.

As you can see by my knapsack, I am a hiker and am asking that you give me shelter in this house until the rain, or at least the worst part of it is over.

Save this article If you need to create a new bookshelf to save this article in, please make sure that you are logged in, then go to your ‘Account’ here. An Insatiable Craving for Book… on. However, In German-language literary criticism this book as been an object of hot debate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Like Like.

I recall a literary paper on adalbert stifter which is called “fascination and boredom in stifter’s writing” and – without reading it or remembering the author – my relation with this book – my first written by this author coming from exactly the same city like me and thus especially interesting for me – couldn’t be described in a better way Nun ja, diese Tatsache machte das Lesen nicht unbedingt leichter.

Annabookbel Noli domo egredi, nisi librum habes — Never leave home without a book. It has been my companion throughout my life.

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