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Detect the signal envelop has a SLEEP mode for power saving which retains the contents of RAM, but stops the oscillator and causes all other chip functions to be inoperative.

If the related interrupt control bit is set to enable interrupt, an interrupt request signal will be generated and then CPU executes the interrupt service routine. Carry flag Interrupt disable flag This bit can enable or disable all interrupt except NMI interrupt source. JSR aaaa 20 3 6 sp? PWM initial output low, and if the counter value is same as the value in compare unit, the If an overflow occurs, the PWM automatically and the counter starts count down again.

They also feature different wakeup time.

Remote control AD009-03 SO-16 AD009-03 (5pcs/lot) Quality assurance

Top Source Technology Co. When writing to them, there are no any effects on the corresponding bits. What is the shipping port? Test bit in memory with accumulator Z? It is connected with external crystal for a crystal oscillation circuitry in crystal mode. This offer carton containing receiver shell with black and white two kinds of needs can optionally specify.


In addition, some shift instructions or rotate instructions also change this bit. X Transfer X-register to sp: The interrupt frequency can be freely selected by selecting different clock source and configuring the low-byte register and high-byte low-nibble register with different values.

The interrupt frequency can be? For details ,please contact us or Clink US. Please kindly contact us for correct pricing and availablitity. And it has been illustrated in timer instruction.

If an overflow occurs, the value of pre-value The internal carrier signal is register would be reloaded into da009 counter automatically and the counter starts to count down again. The data register is used to read the value on the port, which In M-Type keyboard application, Port B should be configured as input ports, and in sleep mode any change occurred in these ports will cause system wakeup. If next rising or falling-edge arrive, the value 0xFFF Timer B module has the following features: Power Saving Mode 5.

These port pins may be multiplexed with an alternate function for the peripheral features 003 the device.

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Figure Two types of clock sources 5. When Timer A is started, the value of 8-bit cycle width frequency set register would firstly be loaded into the 8-bit counter and the value of 8-bit high pulse width duty set register would be loaded into the compare unit.

We arrange shipment within working days after confirmed buyer’s payment. Port B Key scan select register.


Timer A carrier signal period frequency value for the PWM. These register contents are added to the Some specified address, which becomes the actual address. Please query your order status on our system after shipped. Our company as as professionla Electronic wholesaler for several years fast developing have already.


Shenzhen Top Source Technology Co. Central Processing Unit 5. If an overflow occurs, the value of high-byte low-nibble register and low-byte register would be reloaded into the counter automatically and the counter starts to count up again.

Timer B High byte 4-bit pre-value for the counter. Introduction GPM6PA provides eight types of interrupt sources with the same normal interrupt level. Timer A high byte 4-bit period value for the PWM. Contact Supplier Start Order. It will be connected with external crystal for a crystal oscillation circuitry in crystal mode. X Transfer Y-register to accumulator: Key scan wakeup source, if key change is detected, chip wakeup from sleep mode.

Configuration Register The configuration register is used to setup the operation condition. The internal events come from the program run away. Timer A PWM duty selection Meanwhile, the built-in IR transfer module can make IR control and usage easily. The detailed configuration register setting of device has been given in Section 5.

Applications involving unusual environmental or reliability requirements, e. Figure System registers The detailed description is shown in following description.

Low Voltage Reset 1. So the carrier signal with frequency programmable can be generated by this PWM mode via configuring these two registers.

Not exactly what you want? We Specialize in ICS. Remote door lock controller and power supply design as a wholebeautiful and convenientthe remote controller consist A detailed instruction description will be discussed in instruction manual.

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