A Taste of Honey is a play written by Shelagh Delaney. Delaney, a British dramatist, was only 18 when she wrote the play. Originally, she wrote it to be a novel. A Taste of Honey has ratings and 89 reviews. Zanna said: Delaney wrote this little play, about a working class mother and daughter struggling in Ma. Shelagh Delaney was 19 when A Taste of Honey brought her fame – but she never equalled its success. Now, two years after her death, it is to.

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Genres are a way of categorizing literature. Delaney was certainly proud of A Taste of Honeyand she enjoyed the material things it brought her. It is cold, squalid, and damp.

Her play, written on a borrowed typewriter the day after her very first trip to the theatre — a young man, “anxious to improve” her mind, had taken her to the Manchester Opera House, whereupon she had finally “discovered something that meant more to me than myself” — is muscular, plain- speaking, funny and furious. And, indeed, it appears that Helen is incapable of thinking of anything except her own needs. Delaney lives in London, where she was made a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in He is walking her to her door and stops to kiss her.

Shelagh Delaney: the return of an angry young woman | Stage | The Guardian

I just remembered that I’d read honsy for a class while shelving another book with the same title. When Peter throws Helen out, it comes as no surprise to anyone involved. This is a fine play about wretchedness.

They may be a tawdry lot, but when the author gets them into motion you can hear a heartbeat. He has been evicted from his apartment, probably because he is homosexual.


You see her husband thought sex was dirty, and only used the bed for sleeping in. Looking forward to studying this play in detail, though!! Several months later, Jo is living alone in the same shabby flat.

Books by Shelagh Delaney. Perhaps this is in keeping with the theme of stagnation and of shelzgh the weaknesses of our predecessors in this play’s case, our parentsbut it would have been nice to have some character progression during the play. She was not angling for inclusion in shelagg Angry Atste. It becomes clear that Helen has moved to hide from Peter, who is very surprised to learn that Helen has a daughter. Rationing continued long after the end of the war.

This raises an interesting question- – Where do the parents draw a line – When do we call an attitude neglect and when is it self- esteem I sometimes wonder if I am a good father or just a selfish man, too much concerned with my own shelagb. He asks her to marry him and gives her a ring.

A Taste of Honey

Interestingly enough, Taylor thought the play worked in spite of this very significant problem. Peter is about ten years younger than Helen.

Although he and the rest of the cast had been warned that there might be might be trouble — “we were told the iron [safety curtain] would fall if that xelaney — in the end, the performance ran without incident, and when the actors came to take their call, they heard “an amazing noise” that turned out to be a roar of approval.

This means that Jo has no model for motherhood on which to base her own behavior. She has stated that her intent was to create shelah, to bring the voices of the working class into the theatre; she did not have a political agenda to promote.


It is all good and nice to have trendy relationships but I would say if they work and when they do not affect collateral victims. But when sheagh appears later at her flat, Jo is so overwhelmed with loneliness that she throws away her future plans for work, right along with her inhibitions.

A Taste of Honey was produced when Delaney was eighteen-years-old. It can also include modern forms of literature such as drama novels or short stories. At the same time Jo begins a romantic relationship with Jimmy, a black sailor. Xhelagh he leaves to go out with his shekagh, Helen begins to quiz Jo about why she looks so happy. Geof has bought a doll for Jo to practise handling the baby but Jo flings it to the ground because it is dellaney wrong colour: The audience next sees Jo irritable and depressed by her pregnancy, with Geof patiently consoling her.

EngvarB ddlaney October Use dmy dates from October A Taste of Honey is a wonderful vignette of s working-class Britain. To watch Ken Russell’s Monitor documentary about her is to be mesmerised. I think Miss Margaret Leighton is a great actress and I felt she was wasting her time. As Helen is offering Jo money, Peter comes in, very drunk, and takes back the money and Helen’s offer of a home to Jo.

The one character who offers Jo a chance at stability, a sociable conformity, and an emotional steadiness, Geof is ironically the character who, because he is.

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