L. Mattarolo, Termodinamica Applicata, CLEUP, Padova, 5) C. Bonacina, A . Cavallini e L. Mattarolo, Trasmissione del calore, CLEUP. Course Unit Title: TERMODINAMICA APPLICATA. Course Unit 4) Cavallini e L. Mattarolo, Termodinamica Applicata, CLEUP, Padova, 5) C. Bonacina. Calì M., Gregorio P., TERMODINAMICA, Esculapio Ed., Bologna Ed. in un volume unico • Cavallini A., Mattarolo L., TERMODINAMICA APPLICATA, Cleup Ed.

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Appunti di trasmissione del calore moodle. Thermodynamics of open systems. The course covers fundamental aspects and industrial applications of heat transfer and thermodynamics. D1 – Knowledge and Understanding The student must know the base theory of thermodynamics and heat transfer. The System and its Surroundings. Sensible Heating and Cooling.

As regards the technological knowledge of the engineer, he will be able to distinguish the basic elements and calculate the basic performance of the main devices for producing mechanical power – internal combustion engines and steam engines – and cooling – refrigerators and heat pumps, and for the most common and important types of heat temodinamica sizing of first approximation.

Are provided also the main relationships to describe the flow through ter,odinamica and diffusers as well as the correlation to predict the pressure losses in pipes and loops. Back to list of courses. State equation, phase transformations in single-component systems and, Clapeyron equation, liquid-vapor system properties. The student must apply the correct model of the actual problem.


Università di Pisa – Valutazione della didattica e iscrizione agli esami

Department of Industrial Engineering. First cycle degree courses. In the first part, students are guided to understand as a thermodynamic systems and its control surface is linked to mattaropo surroundings thank to exchange of heat and work.

Per informazioni scrivete a ects-catalogue unipi. Linde cycle 4 hours Thermodynamics of moist air: Thermodynamics Proprieties and Processes of Perfect Gas.

Termodinamica Applicata Cavallini Pdf Download

Moodle files, quizzes, workshops, Fundamentals of gas dynamics: Textbooks and optional supplementary readings. Mode of Heat Transfer. Extended surfaces longitudinal fins, temperature distribution, rate of heat transfer, and fin efficiency.

Relation of Heat Transfer to Thermodynamics. Furthermore the 1st and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics are formulated and applied, together with the cyclic processes and the definition of thermodynamic engine, refrigerator and heat pump.

Plane and Radial System. D4 – communication skills. Kinetic-energy theorem and Bernoulli equation. General Information Learning outcomes The student who completes this academic course will be to show a good knowledge of the thermodynamic science and heat transfer applied to the aerospace engineering in particular. Textbooks and optional supplementary readings C. Thermodynamics Propriety cavallibi Vapors.

The main relationship to predict the behavior of ideal gases and real gases, liquid and vapour and solid are shown. A wide knowledge of thermodynamic physical transformations applied to the engineering device will be acquired.



Heat transfer from combustion gases. Subject fundamentals The course is organized in two parts, each of which will be analysed before the methods and general aspects, and then applications. Rossetto, Elementi di Gasdinamica. Properties czvallini homogeneous bodies: Planned learning activities and teaching methods:.

This course provides notion about the thermodynamic systems and the main thermodynamic property relations.

Termodinamica Applicata Cavallini Pdf Download

D2 – Applying Knowledge and Understanding. Applications for conduction and convention: The Second Law of Thermodynamics: The Temperature — Entropy Diagram.

The Fourier Law for isotropic materials. Among the key applications will be studied heat exchangers and heat transfer in extended surfaces such as fins. The course is organized in two parts, each of which will be analysed before the methods and general aspects, and then applications. Problems in unsteady condition 3 ore.

Other lecture notes and exercises yermodinamica in moodle. The electrical circuit analogy for radiation among grey surfaces.

Applications for steady one-dimensional conduction with and without internal heat generation.

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