Brief summary of MGMA’s physician compensation survey from to , according to the MGMA’s new Physician Compensation. Direct Compensation and Productivity for Physicians. All Group Types. Section III: Summary of Starting Salaries by Specialty. New Physicians. Data extracted from MGMA Physician Compensation and Production Median Comp – Hospital Practices.

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Accessed 7 January Acknowledgment The authors wish to thank all previous — members as well as current members of the Community Practice Advisory Committee for their encouragement and support of this project.

AMC, academicmedical center; Hosp, hospital. In this analysis, outliers were included to reveal the broad range reported by IDSA members. The final step is for CMS to use a scaling factor called the Medicare Conversion Factor, which converts geographically adjusted RVUs to determine the physician payment schedule.

MGMA: Hospitalists see pay bump in – Modern Healthcare

Please review our privacy policy. Conclusions With a changing environment and employment status of VS, tracking measures of productivity and proper benchmarking become vitally important. Conquering your practice’s billing compenaation reimbursement. Patient encounters are easy to measure but may encourage physicians to see patients requiring short visits to boost their count and do not reflect actual collections.

Net collections was the most common measure of productivity Will it comlensation at the specialty division, department, faculty plan, or a combination? Support Center Support Center. Be careful what you reward in production-based physician compensation plans.

Many other measures of productivity exist including patient encounters, gross charges, adjusted charges, net collections, and pay for performance P4P. The survey was funded by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. A national study of resource-based relative value scales for physician services: WRVUs indicates work relative value units.

The authors wish to thank all previous — members as well as current members of the Community Practice Advisory Committee for their encouragement and support of this project. Predicted shortage of vascular surgeons in the United States: Therefore, compensation can be tied to overall productivity just not to 2001 unit of production.


As members of the IDSA Clinical Affairs Committee, the authors chose to focus the analysis on just those respondents who indicated their primary responsibility as Patient Care. Gender differences in academic advancement: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. This method can also be flawed as VS can be paid at different rates using this method depending compensatioon, for example, whether they are doing Medicare or cosmetic vein work.

Infectious Diseases Physician Compensation: An Improved Perspective

It is the opinion of the authors that this decline is due to perceptions informed by inaccurate, inconsistent data from several different sources with disparate results. It should be noted that the Medscape survey results are published online compenssation free, whereas MGMA data are available under subscription service.

While our survey only generated a range of these measures, it is reasonable to look across at the physicizn frequent ranges reported by the membership and compare the RVUs and WRVUs with appropriate benchmarks for both VS in private and academic practice.

Since most data in currently used benchmarks are proprietary, expensive, and based upon a small number of VS, the SVS should consider positioning itself to collect, store, manage, and provide such information to assist members in practice transition. The publisher’s final edited version of this article is available at Vasc Endovascular Surg. Average Compensation by Age and Gender.

The Society for Vascular Surgery SVS membership is diverse in terms of age, gender, ethnic background, employment status, type of practice, and full-time or part-time status. In the past decade, medical student debt has ballooned. With a changing environment and employment status of VS, tracking measures of productivity and proper benchmarking become vitally important. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

MacIntyre3 and Robin Trotman 4. Methods A survey questionnaire was developed to gather information about member demographics, academic versus private practice, employment status, time in practice, measures of work, and productivity criteria. Some practices add extra compensation for leadership positions, administrative functions, travel to outlying locations by either a flat physivian or assigning WRVUs to such activities.


The society can use these findings to tailor some of its educational efforts, shape the annual national meeting agenda to provide more education on business matters, direct its governmental lobbying activities, and act as a repository of practice-related data for use by SVS members.

Accessible reports such as those readily available online by Medscape may skew the perception of compensation within the field, which may be discouraging students and residents from specializing in ID. The data and analysis presented in this article are related to work effort, productivity, compensation formulas, and how members measure and use this information. It is also possible that more than one VS responding from within a large group may have skewed the results. The sources of income reported by the IDSA survey respondents continue to point toward a varied and rewarding life and practice mix for ID professionals.

In a large number of groups, a combination of one of the above methods may be in use that takes a middle ground. Finally, what formula will be used for determining compensation?

Page 35 – _SAM_FINAL

Jethro Trees Ritter1 John B. Finally, the practice must prospectively configure their billing software to collect data that mirrors the benchmark.

Large groups with business managers and health systems with practice administrators have easy access to national benchmarks for work effort, productivity, and compensation by geographic region, specialty, academic rank, and type of practice. The SVS could then come up with strategies to address pertinent issues.

Recent surveys have established that almost two-thirds of SVS members are in private practice with or without teaching affiliations and are looking to the society for assistance in practice issues that concern them in particular.

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